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A guide to Czech Real Estate Buying

Buying real estate and property in the Czech Republic can be a good investment and like in most European countries, property value rises year after year.

Different to many European countries Czech real estate prices are much lower and if you're looking to invest in real estate such as dealing directly with property, to buy a nice place to spend your holidays at or as an investment in property which can be rented out to make money while prices rise higher, or even as for a viable retirement option - you could find a good deal.

Information on Czech Real Estate:
On this site we offer useful information on all the ins and out of Czech real estate buying and if you start at the top on the main index on the left you should find answers to most questions you may have.

Czech Real Estate Agencies Directory:
Use the main Czech Real Estate Map to go to the area that interests you and check out the real Estate agencies offering their on line property databases.

Many Czech real estate sites have foreign language versions of their sites and most also have operators who speak English, German, Italian and Spanish.
In our Real Estate Agencies listing, we have endeavoured to include either sites which offer an english language version and/or only those with clear navigation and real estate for sale on-line databases.

You can use our short Czech Dictionary to help you understand some of the most basic terms for sites that do not offer an english version.

Real estate services
Other than this actual site, which contains useful information on Czech real estate, we offer listings with direct links to real estate related services throughout the Czech Republic, who offer a variety of useful services

Czech real estate agencies here listed also offer the following real estate buying services :
• Interpreting

• Location research and reports

• Property viewing on your behalf
(reports and photos)

• Telephone support

• On the road real estate viewing support (and transport)

• Outsourcing of building contractors / labourers

• Post acquisition support and property management




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Map of Czech Real Estate
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Anyone can buy Czech Real estate

As of May 2004, Czech legislation concerning who can buy real estate on Czech soil has been simplified and today, almost anyone can buy real estate in the Czech Republic.

As a private individual from any EU member state all you need is a permanent residence permit.

As a EU member state company you can either open a branch of your company in the Czech Republic or set up a new company inside the Czech Republic.

For non EU member state citizens or companies the procedure is a little different and you...
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Czech Republic - top emerging EU.

Th€ 3.5 Billion of real estate investment product available in Central Europe
Cushman & Wakefield reports that in excess of € 3.5 billion of investment product is being actively offered for sale in the core CE markets of Poland, Czech & Slovakia and Hungary.

This is marginally up on the previous quarter.

Seller type is split equally between developers seeking to exit and investors wishing to trade on, although the latter is starting to take advantage of the improving market with increased investor interest and improving pricing driven largely by yield compression.

Commenting on the seemingly high levels of supply in Central Europe, Charles Taylor, Partner, Cushman & Wakefield added “There remains, however, a lack of core product in the capital cities, particularly in the office sector, with owners preferring to hold ‘best of class’ buildings in anticipation that the market will continue to improve in their favour.

In Hungary availability levels remain low. This is expected to change, as activity levels increase, aided by improving fundamentals and investor sentiment, and particularly the sizeable pricing discount that is currently available relative to the Polish and Czech markets." .

Czech Republic Price stability

Czech prices won't catch up with the rest of Europe any soon

There is an ancient Czech saying that goes along the lines of ...

'If the price of beer in the Czech Republic were to rise significantly - the Czechs would uprise in revolution'.

And that just about says it all about possible rises and hikes in costs and prices in the Czech Republic.

It also underlines the fact that the Czechs will take their time in catching up with the rest of the EU prices and costs.

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