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Czech vocabulary terms you will find useful
when navigating Czech Real Estate web sites.

Most important:

On most czech real estate sites you will be looking for the 'nabidka'
word on some button or link.

Nabidka in 99% of cases means property on offer.
Sometimes (the 1 %) it means 'your offer of your house for sale'

houses = roddiny domy
flats = byty
land = pozemek
for sale = na prodej
for rent = najem
price = cena

Alphabetical Real Estate Dictionary (short but useful)

byty = flats
cena = price
cinzovni dum = high rise
domy = houses
historicky objekt = historical property
kancelár = office
nabidka = property on offer
najem / pronajem = rent / for rent
nebytovè objekty - non residential property (for business only)
nemovitosti = property / real estate
obchod = shop
obrazekek = picture (image)
objekty = objects (real estate)
ostatní nemovitosti = other property
popis = description
pozemek = land
prodej = sale
prostory = space (usually for business purposes like shops)
RD = Rodinnè Domy = family house
Realita = Real Estate
rekreacní objekt = recreational property (small country villa)
restaurace = restaurant
rodinny dum = family house
sluzba = service
vice = more (info)
vyhledat = search
vyrobní objekt = production plant
zobraz = show
zobrazit podrobnosty = show details.

Some useful description terms used in describing property;
For example 3+1 would be a three roomed apartment including 2 bedrooms, 1 living room + 1 kitchen.

1+1……studio (living room is also bedroom)
2+1……one bedroom / one living room + kitchen
3+1……two bedroom / one living room + kitchen
4+1……three bedroom / one living room + kitchen
5+1……four bedroom / one living room + kitchen
and so on.

Real Estate prices:
Most prices will be in Czech Crowns and
here is a quick price dictionary: [exchange rate as of 2010 ]

Czech Crowns
What it buys
1/2 pack of cigarettes
meal for 2
Television set
second hand car
old and small country cottage
residential Villa + land
small hotel
castle for renovation
almost anything

Becoming informed costs next to nothing
Being missinformed can be expensive

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