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If you have not read the previous section on how to make your decisions on buying real estate in the Czech Republic, please do so before reading this page.

Real Estate buying assistance

Having made up your mind that you do want to buy real estate in the Czech Republic, on what type of property for which purposes and perhaps even where in the Czech Republic to acquire, and possibly having seen the actual property and it's prices... the next step is to start the buying procedure.

This would obviously be initiated AFTER you have seen the actual property you intend buying, but even before this, you are well advised (not only by us but by your own common sense) that you might need some help.

The biggest hurdle in buying property in a foreign country is the language problem.

Czech is not an anglo-saxon language and is pretty diverse to other languages which may be similar to each other.
Whereas a US citizen won't have any problems at all acquiring property in the UK, and someone from Spain will find it easy in Italy,
and a German investor will feel almost at home in Holland, someone who does not speak and understand Czech will encounter language difficulties in the Czech Republic.

Not necessarily in the actual dealing and bargaining with the owner or the real estate agency representative, but mostly in reading and understanding the paperwork.

Not to mention the legislations and laws which may be a bit different to UK, USA, or other Western european countries.

You would want to understand the small text on anything you sign, especially if it involves your money - wouldn't you ?

Sure, most real estate agency reps do speak good english, (or german) and getting the general information from them is pretty easy and with the use of spoken english, sign language and a calculator, most of the dealings are easily accomplished.

But what you really want is someone who is trustworthy and 'on your side' to sift through the final paperwork with you.

The real estate agent wants to make a sale, and although most of them are pretty honest, they are just salesmen who want to make a deal as soon as possible to move onto the next one.

So to be on the safe side, the least ...we repeat THE LEAST help that you will want, is to get an independent interpreter.

1 ]

Your own, unbiased, independent interpreter

Interpreters in the Czech Republic come very cheap and to pay someone a few hundered Euros for their translation services for three or four days comes like a bargain if it means saving you losing a deposit, or making the wrong choice upon wrong, missunderstood or incomplete information.

So don't rely only on the real estate agent's language know-how or even on their side supplied interpreter.
Get your own.

If you're going to climb a mountain, you'd want good equipment and probably a mountain guide if it's your first time - especially if it's a dangerous mountain and you may be risking your life.

So why would you want to risk your 'big' money without being equipped with a good (cheap) independent interpreter ?

We ourselves at offer this service but we also list other independent available czech interpreters in our services listings, and you can even find your own by doing a search in google.


2 ]

Get a Lawyer or Attorney

There are more English speaking lawyers in the Czech Republic than for example German speaking Lawyers in the UK, and you'll need one at least for the contract and signing procedure.
You will definitely need one if you are buying property via setting up a company in the Czech Republic.

Why not get a lawyer for the whole deal ?
Including the choosing process with the real estate agency ?

Well, if you have the money, this may be a good choice, but even Czech lawyers have a much higher price tag than Czech interpreters and you don't need legal advice in deciding which house you like.

So the lawyer would usually be brought in after you have spent days with the real estate agent (and your interpreter) visiting real estate property for sale and making up your mind on what to buy.

The lawyer will be especially useful when you start to get to see some paperwork and the 'small text'.

Also, not to be underestimated, the psychological value of having a lawyer and the estate agency and property owner being aware of this.

Even a sincere and honest real estate agency operator will think twice about offering half confirmed facts about a property and it's surroundings if they know that you will have the backing of a real estate-versed Czech lawyer who will make sure that any small text is clear to you.

No, we at do not offer direct legal assistance but in our Czech legal services for real estate transactions listings you will find legal service providers, versed in Real Estate contractual dealing.

These speak English and / or German.

Again, you can do your own search on the web or once in the Czech Republic, wherever you are, pick up the phone book and look under 'pravo' or 'pravnicke sluzby'.
Lawyer = pravnik.

Whatever you do - do not depend only on the legal beagles supplied by the real estate agency (agencies) you may be dealing with.

Get your own.

Might cost you several more hundered Euro for a couple of days of professional legal services - but will be worth every Czech crown.
A typical cost for legal services can be:

An english speaking Czech lawyer (in Prague) versed in:
Commercial law
Company and corporate law
Company foundation
Commercial contracts
Bankruptcy law
Stock and commercial instruments
Civil law
Real estate contracts - purchase of real estate
mortgage, pledges
lease contracts

can charge around Czech Crowns 1,600 per hour
Which is about Euro 60,00

But this is in Prague.
Outside of Prague you can safely halve this figure.


3 ]

Residence permit or opening up a company and
maybe even more paperwork and small text

This is going to be the most easiest and difficult bit to organize.

Difficult because it involves visiting various Czech state offices and institutions and filling out forms written in Czech.

Easy because the procedures are pretty standard and straightforward ... IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO GO WITH WHAT.

So once again, you will need some help with this.

For individual private real estate buyers not intending to start a company (mostly EU member state citizens) you can get most of this done either with your Czech interpreter or even a good friend who speaks Czech.

If you opt for buying real estate directly, as a private citizen for your own use, all you need is a permanent residency permit.

For investors who want to go the company way, (which includes non EU member state citizens) you will want to open up an s.r.o company.

And for this you will need professional help and guidance.

For example - you can set up various types of companies known as SROs, one type for business purposes - a business sro
and another type solely for buying Real estate - a real estate sro

In the next section below we mention real estate intermediaries, who can also help you set up an sro company but there are some other specialists who specifically do this very professionally and can even get you set up with an off the shelf company within 7 days for a cost of about Euro 2.000.

These are listed in our services section listings under Ready Made companies

4 ]

Get someone to do it all for you

This is the global solution for buying Real Estate.

You may neither have the time nor inclination in wanting to look for an interpreter, outsourcing a good lawyer, nor even wanting to visit all the real estate that is offered to you.

You certainly will not want to go about setting up a company by yourself.

You may want someone to do most of the leg-work for you, including visiting 20 different properties and then presenting you the best choice of these, organizing an interpreter and legal services - all in one single package.

This does not necessarily cost much more than if you were to organize/do all these by yourself.
It doesn't cost more because what you will pay these people for their services you save on having to travel around, stay at hotels for a week, rent a car for a week, spend time in finding a lawyer and interpreter not to mention having to learn Czech legislation to start a company.

It probably balances out economically with the plus side being less organizational headaches to you.

This type of 'organization' is done by very experienced people who operate in this market segment and have accumulated years of experience in dealing with foreign real estate buyers.

These are known as real estate intermediaries.
Their main objective is to be on your side.

This because they make a living off their good name and make their money;
part on what you pay them,
part on what they get from the agencies,

The best ones around are those run by expats, meaning people who are not Czech themselves but have come to live and work in the Czech Republic offering real estate intermediary services.

In our services section real estate intermediaries you will find some of these listed.

Becoming informed costs next to nothing
Being missinformed can be expensive

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