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S.R.O company for Business Purposes
(different to SROs for real estate)

Please bear in mind this below is an average cost estimate taken from various sources offering this type of service.
You real costs may vary from service provider to service provider also depending on your exact needs.

Business s.r.o.

S.R.O = Limited Liability Company

A limited liability company is known in the Czech Republic as a "Spolecnost S Rucenim Omezenim"
commonly referred to as an "s.r.o"

Some key points of an s.r.o. include:
- Does not issue shares
- Minimum basic capital is Euro 6.500
- Corporate governance is simpler than a joint-stock company
- A Board of Directors is not required
- The statutory body is made up of one or more Executive Directors


Setting up costs: around Euro 2.000

Requires the appropriate business licenses in order to trade.

As a business license is required, so too is a "responsible person", ie. someone who speaks Czech fluently with whom the authorities can communicate.

This type of representative can be found if required for a reasonable fee - Euro 160 to 260 per month.

As this will be a trading company, liabilities can be accrued easily and as such the Executive is placed at a high-risk should the company go bankrupt.

Local Executives if required can be found, but at a significant fee of around Euro 350 per month

The business will require a registered address.
This too can be found if required for a fee of about Euro 50 per month

Potential maintenance fees: Euro 800 per month

Many small investors, if not buying as private entities, opt for a Real Estate SRO.

Becoming informed costs next to nothing
Being missinformed can be expensive

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