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When is the best time and moment to
buy property in the Czech Republic ?

Here are some extracts from a case story of when one should have bought.....

"... After looking for real estate for the first three years, my wife and I finally made the big plunge in October of 1993.  During the intervening three year period, we watched prices explode, particularly in Prague and Karlsbad.
When we started looking, you could buy an ambassador's residence in Prague for $25,000.  Our delay cost us dearly, but my wife and I couldn't agree on what to buy

"... We bought the villa when it was on its last leg.  It had been converted and served as a Kindergarten from 1950 to 1970.  Then, it served as an apartment house for communist supervisors until 1991 when it was vacated.  We paid $32,000 for the place.  We could have bought it in 1991 for $20,000 if we would have known it was for sale. What ensued was a lot of renovation that cost another $32,000, but we ended up with a beautiful place. The villa now provides us with a very nice two bedroom apartment, a caretakers apartment, and two apartments for use in our bed and breakfast business..."

[ extracts from Ronald Winkles's account of his experience in buying property in the Czech Republic...
http://www.escapeartist.com/efam22/czech.html ]

So as one can see, 'now' would be a good time.

But this should be nothing new as in most economies brick and mortar tend to be a good investment with a gradual, stable, guaranteed rise in value over the years and decades.

Many private investors, after the fall of communism in the Czech republic bought up a lot of the old historical buildings in many Czech towns, Prague above all - and they purchased these for ridiculously low prices.

Even now, dilapidated old buildings still abound throughout Czech towns and even some historical centers and various respectable sources confirm that prices of residential property throughout the whole of the Czech Republic are as low as they will be for the foreseeable future

Now is the time to buy.

Becoming informed costs next to nothing
Being missinformed can be expensive

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