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What are the costs and prices of what in the Czech Republic

This serves to give you a general idea of what some of the mainstream products and services cost in the Czech Republic.

Note that some service costs may cost up to 4 times as much in Prague than elsewhere in the Republic.

1 kilo of beef = Euro 5

Frozen French Fries 750g = Euro 1

1 Liter Milk = Euro 0,75

L. 0,33 bottle of Pilsner Beer = Euro 1,25

L. 0,33 bottle general good Czech beer = Euro 0,25

10 eggs = Euro 0,80

Consumer Products:
1 Liter of Petrol = Euro 1,10

Small table Lamp = Euro 5,00

Winter tires Michelin (each) = Euro 80,00
(same type in UK , Italy or Germany would cost 4x as much)

Marlboro cigarette pack = Euro 3,30

Taxi ride 5 km in and near Prague = Euro 7
Taxi ride 5 km in provincial town = Euro 2

Dentist - Tooth crown in Prague = Euro 250
Dentist - Tooth crown in provincial town = Euro 100

Secretary - 1 hour in Prague = Euro 2,80
Secretary - 1 hour in provincial town = Euro 2,00

Car servicing (BMW)
oil change - new oil filter, new air filter in Prague = Euro 150
oil change - new oil filter, new air filter in prov. town = Euro 50

Hotel room
good standard room in Prague = Euro 60
good standard room in provincial town = Euro 30

Becoming informed costs next to nothing
Being missinformed can be expensive

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