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Why buy property in the Czech Republic ?

The Czech real estate market since 1991 has continued to offer good investment opportunities for international property buyers and since the Czech Republic entered the European Union in May 2004 the situation has gotten even better.

Stability characterizes the overall political and economic situation in the Czech Republic, and is perceived by very low inflation and interest rates.

The Czech Republic's acceptance in the EU and NATO underscores the strength of the countries economic future.

A very favourable investment climate is provided for by all these factors.

Investors, especially in the residential market, will find favourable opportunities because of a high per capita spending in comparison with the neighbouring countries and increasing demand, reasonable construction standards and low building costs.

Also, Czech nationals now receive mortgages of up to 100% of housing prices making their own investing in real estate a viability unknown in previous years.

Whether investing in Czech real estate purely as a business investment (buying - restructuring - reselling) or buying property such as hotel, apartment block or houses which then to rent out and do business with on a continuous basis, or even buying a home where to live, retire, holidays etc. ... are all very plausible investment opportunities compared to doing the same in other western European countries.

Czech real estate and property such as:
houses, villas, flats, apartment blocks, offices, country land houses, agricultural and farming land, forests and industrial development plots ... are selling at a much lower price than elsewhere in Europe and offer exceptional return from the investment.


A small detached house in an average Czech town, can be bought for the same price that a garage would cost in most other western European countries.

A larger family villa with large garden (1,500 m) can cost
Euro 25,000

A summer cottage (chata) with 4 rooms with connected supplies of electricity and water, and 2000 sq m of garden plot with fruit trees and vegetable patches can be bought for Euro 4,800

An apartment house block containing 10 individual apartments (ready to rent out) in a major Czech town such as Plzen costs Euro 120.000

Since the fall of communism and the opening up of Czech borders in 1991 the Czech Republic has had an average of 15 million tourists each year. The population of the Czech Republic is around 10 million so the visitors add up to one and a half times the local population and this goes to show that there is great interest in the country from both the tourism sector point of view (renting out, managing pensions, hotels, residential houses and apartments) to the business sector (reselling office buildings, renting offices, reconstruction-reselling).

Who would want to buy Czech real estate ?

Becoming informed costs next to nothing
Being missinformed can be expensive

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