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Where are the best locations for
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Real Estate Investment

If solely investment maximization is considered, than buying property for renting out in a radius of 50 km of a major town is a very viable option as many Czechs now have more money and are prepared to live 'in the country side' commuting each day to the city.

Direct personal property buying

Presuming that a house buyer will not be dependent on having to live bang in the center of Prague or other main Czech town centers, then the best locations in respect to low prices and good real estate deals are about 40 to 60 km from any main towns such as Prague, Brno, Kalovy Vary, Plzen, Ostrava.

Property 40 km from Prague will still cost more than property 20 kms from Brno but in general, this 40/60 km distance has a noticeable influence on the 'cheapness' of the property.

Personal home buying
Even better deals can be found in the many small villages that constitute the mainstream make-up of the Czech Republic if one is considering buying a retirement home.

Young Czechs are abandoning the smaller villages opting for better job opportunities in the big towns so there are many a great real estate deals to be found in smaller Czech villages as opposed to town centers.

Even many Czech retirees are moving to these same villages to make their pensions stretch out further but at the same time many villas and detached houses in the villages remain un-rented and unsold because unfortunately (or fortunately as in the case of the foreign house buyer) most Czechs just do not have the money to buy or rent them.

So if some Czech retirees can afford to buy these villas and slowly renovate them - international, western European countries' home buyers would consider the prices very affordable.

Here we are in the region of Euro 15.000 to Euro 25.000 with costs of building and renovating materials being very cheap and the cost of professional labour (bricklayer, plumber, electrician) ranging around Euro 3 per hour.
Average general labourer wages can be as low as 2 Euro per hour

Sure, there are many factors to consider, starting off perhaps with the language difference, but Czech is not all that hard to master and most Czechs speak german and/or english... and living off a western European pension, one can get this to go up to 4 times further than in his own country if living in the Czech Republic.

This alone may be the plus factor which may outbalance the initial difficulties and minus points.

Becoming informed costs next to nothing
Being missinformed can be expensive

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