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Czech living costs

If you are economically independent, spending money in the Czech Republic can actually be profitable and comparing prices of Czech products and services to those of other West European countries can be a pleasant surprise.

Even in Prague, where most costs and prices are at least twice as much than elsewhere in the Czech Republic, you still save a lot of money compared to other EU countries.

For example:

Go out for a meal somewhere in the north of Italy, not necessarily in the main towns such as Milan, Venice, Torino etc, and you will spend a fortune.

Cost of a meal for 2 in Italy
Service: Euro 3,00
Hors d'ouver (antipasto): Euro 10,00
First course (pasta) : Euro 16,00
Second course (meat, fish): Euro 25,00
Bottle of wine: Euro 10,00
Desert (ice cream, lemon sorbèt,): Euro 8,00
Coffee: Euro 3,00
Brandy: Euro 6,00
Total: Euro 81,00

Cost of a meal for 2 in Prague
Service: Euro 0,00
Hors d'ouver (antipasto): Euro 5,00
First course (pasta) : Euro 10,00
Second course (meat, fish): Euro 16,00
Bottle of wine: Euro 4,00
Desert (ice cream, lemon sorbèt,): Euro 4,00
Coffee: Euro 1,00
Brandy: Euro 3,00
Total: Euro 43,00

Cost of a meal for 2 in a Czech Provincial Town
Service: Euro 0,00
Hors d'ouver (antipasto): Euro 3,00
First course (pasta) : Euro 6,00
Second course (meat, fish): Euro 10,00
Bottle of wine: Euro 3,00
Desert (ice cream, lemon sorbèt,): Euro 3,00
Coffee: Euro 1,0
Brandy: Euro 2,00
Total: Euro 28,00

Renting an average 2 bedroom flat in an average German town
Monthly rent: Euro 700,00
Monthly costs (electricity, gas, heating): Euro 200,00
Total: Euro 900,00

Renting an average 2 bedroom flat in Prague
Monthly rent: Euro 400,00
Monthly costs (electricity, gas, heating): Euro 100,00
Total: Euro 500,00

Renting an average 2 bedroom flat in an average Czech town
Monthly rent: Euro 250,00
Monthly costs (electricity, gas, heating): Euro 100,00
Total: Euro 350,00

Real Estate Cost comparison

Comparing real estate in Czech Towns:
In an average small sized Czech town you can buy a small family house in good condition starting at Euro 40.000.

In a similar small German, UK, Italian or other western European sized town you would be lucky to find the same property for under Euro 180.000.

For Euro 180.000, you could probably buy a decent family house near Prague.

Comparing real estate in Czech Villages:
In a small Czech village say 80 km distant from Prague you can find a small residential house up for sale (with renovation needed) for Euro 20.000. Add another Euro 10.000 for the renovation and you end up with a brand new house to either live in, rent out or to resell with a substantial profit.

Try doing the same elsewhere in Western Europe and your initial outlay might be in the region of Euro 60.000 but the renovating costs would be another Euro 60.000 or more, due to more expensive renovating material and labour costs.

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