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Welcome to the Complete Guide to
Real Estate in the Czech Republic


Czech Republic Real Estate Market Information and Guide to Czech Real Estate Buying, tips, helpful information and advice for anyone wanting to buy property in the Czech Republic, searching for Czech Republic homes for sale and wanting to invest in real estate in Prague, or in Czech towns, countryside and villages.

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This real estate guide and real estate listings offers absolutely free advice on homes and houses in the Czech Republic for the small home buyer and investor, or for companies wanting to invest in residential real estate, with Czech real estate legislation explained, and we can probably offer most answers to any possible questions you may have about the Czech Real Estate Market and also the very lucrative Prague Real Estate Market.


Since the Czech Republic's entrance into the EU in May 2004, Who can buy Czech Real Estate has become more straightforward both for private real estate buying and for companies who wish to buy real estate in the Czech Republic

We offer tips and information on how to go about deciding to buy Real Estate and many suggestions, advice, links, articles and help buying real estate - which are services you will find indispensable when you buy real estate in Prague or the rest of the Czech Republic.

People looking for cheap retirement homes in the Czech Republic will not be disappointed.

If you intend to buy property in the Czech Republic then you will find good investment opportunities on the Czech real estate market.

International property buyers investing in the Czech Republic real estate market as a pure business investment, or private small real estate investors buying, renovating and then reselling property or renting it out - such as residential houses in Prague, family homes in the Czech provinces or hotels in smaller Czech towns and will find great property deals.

Residential and industrial flooring and floors :
If you need a Czech Republic flooring manufacturer, producer of floor systems such as Industrial Floors and flooring, Cast epoxy floors, Antistatic Flooring, Natural stone & marble carpet flooring, Ucrete Industrial Flooring, Laminate floating floors, Vinyl / PVC floors, and PARQUET FLOORS. We are based near Prague and offer excellent flooring products, their application and top client service.

Real Estate and Property services in Prague :
Whether you are moving to the Czech Republic or relocating to Prague because you have bought property, there are a number of useful services which you may need and here you will find links and descriptions of most of these:
Czech Interpreters to help you understand any small text on sales contracts, Czech Real Estate Lawyers to assist you in setting up a company in the Czech Republic.
You may even want complete assistance in property buying and there are several Real Estate Intermediaries available for this and even organizations who sell ready made companies or Czech shelf companies.

We even offer direct phone assistance between you and the real estate agency or on the road real estate buying support with transportation and interpreter included


For the Small Property Investor:
The small property investor will find helpful guidelines to real estate buying and answers to such questions such as Who buys Czech property and When to buy Czech real estate.

Why would anyone buy property in the Czech Republic is easily answered if you read the in depth information concerning the Cost of living in the Czech Republic section and also understand the information on Czech price stability and due to these, many investors are out to buy retirement homes in the Czech Republic.

What property to buy and especially Where to buy Czech property is indicative information and should give you a good idea on how to find the best property and where to find it.

Czech Real Estate tax - property tax comes dead cheap for private property owners.


For companies wishing to invest on the Czech Real Estate Market
You can save tax in many ways and our Real Estate sales taxation section explains some of them. How companies buying real estate do it by setting up S.R.O companies in the Czech Republic solely for the purpose of real estate buying. Or even buy ready made companies.

S.R.O companies for real estate differ from S.R.O. companies for business and you may want to understand the difference.
(S.R.O companies are Czech Republic limited liability companies)

The Czech property legislation and other interesting views on conditions for buying real estate on Czech soil will be of interest to anyone and especially the Czech government business incentives for companies opening up a business in the Czech Republic.

Prague real estate investment is still viable, especially in the residential market and we tell you why.


Czech Real Estate Agencies listings in our directory are probably the most concise, sorted and selected you will find on the internet and we have strived to list only those estate agents with good navigational web sites, clear real estate and property on-line databases and quite a few of them have Czech versions.

Czech Republic Map, Real estate agencies map The listings of Czech Real Estate Agencies are divided into regions and you can use our useful Czech Real Estate Map to find both estate agents and online catalogues and databases of Real Estate on sale throughout the Czech Republic and Czech towns. We even tell you how Czech Estate Brokers operate.

Our selection of real estate related services and agencies includes the whole of the Czech Republic, each and every Czech region:

Prague Real Estate Agencies
Central CZ Real Estate Agencies
Brno Real Estate Agencies
Budejovice Real Estate Agencies
Hradec Kralove Real Estate Agencies
Jihlava Real Estate Agencies
Karlovy Vary Real Estate Agencies
Liberec Real Estate Agencies
Olomouc Real Estate Agencies
Ostrava Real Estate Agencies
Pardubice Real Estate Agencies
Plzen Real Estate Agencies
Usti Real Estate Agencies
Zlin Real Estate Agencies


Czech Republic General Information and Czech Republic Demographics
Czech demographics, and czech wages and work legislation will be useful for your property buying research and do check out the Living in the Czech Republic section


Czech Real Estate Dictionary,
You can use our brief Czech Dictionary to help you when navigating on-line databases of property which are in Czech. Very easy and you'll get the hang of it very quickly.


What is the best type of property to buy in the Czech Republic ?
From apartment blocks, houses to rent out, a home to live in or retire to, are all plausible investments.

The best property to buy are residential houses and villas built before the second World War especially in smaller Czech towns and villages where some great real estate deals can be found.
The building quality during this particular period was very good but almost any real estate, if compared to property in other Western European countries comes very affordable and living off a European pension or salary in the Czech Republic is a great option for many small home buyers.

The choice of Czech real estate is vast:
Houses, ( ridinny domy ) villas, flats, ( byty ) apartment blocks, ( cinzovni domy ), offices ( cancelare ), country land houses ( chaty ), industrial development plots, detached houses, large family villas, hotels, pensions, restaurants and even small agricultural farms are all available for buying or to rent.

All property acquisition in the Czech Republic is a guaranteed return investment be it in a major Czech town such as Prague, Plzen, Brno or Karlovy Vary, or minor towns such as Kromeriz near Zlin, Cesky Krumlov, or Pribram - all affordable real estate for the average investor, home buyer.

Good property can also be found in thousands of Czech villages that are dotted around the Republic from Moravia to Bohemia - and if it's the quiet place with great living quality and standards that you are looking for, these will be your best option.


When is the best time and moment to buy property in the Czech Republic ?
Best time to buy real estate in the Czech property is now.
Property prices explode all the time and not only in Prague or Karlsbad and the times when you could buy an ambassador residence in Prague for $30.000 are over.
But not so in the rest of the Czech Republic.
You can still find a cheap residential house with minimal renovation cost and your investment will continue to rise in value.


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