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English and German spoken.

1° Zlinska Realitni Kancelar
Kvitkova, 3687
760 01 Zlin
Czech Republic

00420 - 577 430 431
00420 - 577 433 922

00420 - 777 117 712

Fax: 00420 - 577 226 281

email: 1.realitnizlin.cz

Houses, appartments and flats for sale in Zlin and surrounding area
Houses and flats for rent

We have an in-house legal department capable of offering direct contractual and legal assistance concerning real estate transactions - which is a very necessary factor for all property transactions by international clients buying property in the Czech Republic.

This means you will not have to turn elsewhere for the legal assistance in verifying contracts, getting bulding permissions and all the legal nitty gritty involved - and above all - our legal advisors are on your side.

A designed house ready to live in ?
Canaba family houses are ready architechted family houses and prices start from Euro 48.000 - you chose the model and then we do the rest and consign the house when it's ready for you to move in.
No builder headaches, no architects to haggle with.

More on Canaba houses : http://www.reality-zlin.cz/canaba
Direct contact: danielreality-zlin.cz / mobile: 00420 - 777 118 802.

Finding the right partners is priceless
Not looking for the right partners may be pretty costly

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