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Vesta Realtors is a growing company founded in 1999.

Our team of professionals offers experience on the Czech and US real estate markets serving both domestic and international clients, experience that we are eager to put to work for you.

We work closely with experienced environmental engineers, legal professionals, and architects to provide our clients with maximum security for their investment.

At Vesta our clients' interests always come first.

Let us show you what we can do.

Buying Real Estate:
1. Locating a property that will match your specifications

2. Ensuring that there are no hidden environmental problems connected with your investment

3. Confirming that a property can be used for the purposes you wish in compliance with local zoning and planning regulations

4. Helping you get government awards of up to 1000 USD for every new position that your company creates for Czech citizens

5. Tapping other incentive and benefit programs sponsored by national and local government agencies to stretch your investment further.

Vesta Realtors can take the headache out of selling your property in the Czech Republic.

Selling Real Estate:
1. Identify potential local and international buyers

2. Meet local requirements and regulations governing sale of real estate, land, and equipment

3. Work with local agents to clear the way for your sale

4. Identify experienced contractors and other partners to help make your sale run smoothly

5. Advertise your property in the appropriate publications and online venues

6. Get the right price

Let us help you make your investment in the Czech Republic a smart one.

Finding the right partners is priceless
Not looking for the right partners may be pretty costly

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