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Executive Housing Specialists [ EHS ]
Real Estate Agency in Prague
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Malátova 10,
150 00 Prague 5

Tel. Daytime: 00420 257 328 281
Tel. Evenings and Weekends: 00420 606 626 562
Fax: 00420 257 322 032


Company Information

Executive Housing Specialists (EHS) has been locating homes (villas, houses, flats, and apartments) for Prague's international business community, including representatives from most of the major corporations and foreign embassies, since 1993.

We represent only the highest quality housing locally available and offer attentive, prompt and professional service.

EHS, working with its commercial clients in locating office and retail spaces, has established a sterling reputation in its understanding of the specific requirements of our clients and tailoring our office and retail searches to meet those needs.

The members of our staff have a particular talent for recognizing the potential in an opportune property and connecting the right client with that potential, helping the client make informed real estate decisions to maximize the client’s business in Prague.

The founder of EHS, Marion Williams, is an American who has over 25 years of experience in leasing, sales and property management.

Our professional agents are Americans or fluent bilingual Czechs. Each member of our team fully understands the needs and the expectations of busy international professionals and business people.

Our background and understanding of our clients' perspective set us apart. Given these advantages, we are able to facilitate matching our clients' needs with the appropriate quality housing, office or retail space.

Leasing and Relocation Services

Locating the right property whether it’s a house, an apartment or flat, or an office or store front in Prague, facilitating the signing of a lease or sales contract and efficiently handling the relocation requirements of our international clients are the primary services that EHS provides.

In doing so, we offer:
* Extended Hours - Professional agents are available days, evenings and weekends.

* Cross-listing Searches - All property, homes, houses/villas, flats/apartments, retail and offices listed by EHS as well as property listed by other Prague real estate agencies are checked promptly and thoroughly to find everything that matches your required specifications and quality.

* Real Estate Advice - EHS can offer advice concerning issues and common practices associated with residence and business practices in Prague.

* Rental/Lease - EHS provides and negotiates rental/lease contracts in both English and Czech.

* Follow up Assistance - Throughout your tenancy in Prague EHS will provide assistance with questions, landlord/tenant meetings, problems with payments and all other housing and relocation related problems.

* Assistance concluding leases - At the end of the rental/lease term, EHS offers assistance with extending or concluding your tenancy, recouping of security deposits, tying up any loose ends as necessary.

* Introductions to Prague - We can help familiarize newcomers with the city, its resources, and schools, and with the neighborhoods suitable for their needs and lifestyles.

* Permits, visas and customs clearance – We file and secure all needed permits, and customs clearance.

* A tailored relocation package to suit the needs of our clients.

* On-line residential rental property search – Use our web site to search for your home, whether an apartment, house or villa for rent.

* On-line commercial rental property search – Use our web site to search for your retail or office space for rent. top
Sales Services

* Extended Hours - Professional agents are available days, evenings and weekends.

* Language translation during showings – EHS agents are bilingual and will translate during showings and negotiations of prospective sale properties, as needed.

* Negotiation – EHS will negotiate the sale between the seller and the buyer.

* Organize the preparation of contracts – EHS will as needed, organize the preparation of, or follow-up on, required Sale contracts (Reservation Contract, Future Purchase Contract, Purchase Contract) in Czech or English, as needed,

* Pre-closing follow up - EHS will follow up with buyers/sellers notaries, lawyers, mortgage brokers, etc.

* Offer advice concerning sale issues.

* Document Collection - EHS will help as needed, arrange for the collection of the documents required to ensure that the Seller has the necessary permissions and rights for selling the Premises at the time of signing of the Sale contract.

* Additional Assistance - EHS will provide additional assistance, when necessary, with related issues such as handing over of the premises to buyer.

* Contracts – Review purchase and future purchase or reservation contracts.

* After closing assistance – EHS is available to assist with meter registrations for utilities, attend early owner association meetings and offer whatever other start up assistance is needed.

* Market introduction for investors - EHS’s introduction may include:

* Property market research within the Prague area and the best Prague agencies for properties that would match your requirements,

* Six hours devoted to showing properties that represent the market in different sections of Prague
* Discussion of taxes, legal and lease related issues, yields, arranging for meetings with mortgage people, lawyers to establish a company, property managers, etc.

* On-line residential property for sale search – Use our web site to search for your ideal home, apartment, house, villa or apartment building for sale.

* On-line commercial property for sale search – Use our web site to search for your retail or office space for sale. top

Except for sales, our fees are due and payable upon signing a lease contract or taking possession of a house, apartment/ flat, or office or retail space.

The landlord usually pays our fees for retail and office space rentals.  However, in some cases, the tenant pays the fees, or the fees are split between the landlord and the tenant.

Larger commercial projects are usually listed exclusively with commercial leasing agents. In these cases, the landlord pays all of the agency fees.

In cases where prospective tenants want an agent to represent them and to search for a specific type of property, the tenants will retain an agent and pay an agency fee.
All fees are subject to 19% VAT.

EHS fee schedule:
* Residential lease (long term) - One month's rent + VAT, due when a rental agreement is entered into for a property shown by EHS and payable within 14 days.

* Residential lease (short term - 6 months or less) - 15% of the total contract value + VAT, due when a rental agreement is entered into for a property shown by EHS and payable within 14 days.

* Commercial Lease - 13% of 1 year's contract value + VAT usually paid by the Lessor.  Our agent will inform our client in advance in the event that the client is required to pay a commission to EHS.

* Sales - 3% of the sale price + VAT (commission is due upon registration of title with local land office). The commission may be paid by the seller or buyer, depending on the deal.

* Other relocation services (permits, visas, customs clearance) - CZK 10.000,- 15.000 (approx. EUR 350) + VAT.

* Market introduction fee – EUR 280 + VAT (see Market Introduction section herein). If the client buys a property in Prague within 6 months, the consultancy fee will be refunded.

We at EHS are always looking for new ways to better serve our clients.

We welcome all inquiries or comments.

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