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We have taken the pain and waiting out of setting up a company in the Czech Republic, and we guarantee a quick and painless turn-around.

Establishing a company is only the first step in building your business.

Our network of reliable partners can offer common services you will need.

Purchasing and owning property through the use of a company can present tax advantages.

We have partnered with some of the leading firms to offer a complete array of services.Real Estate Services

Prague is one of the most popular destinations for both tourists and real-estate investors alike.
Strength of the interest in the Czech residential property market, particularly in Prague, has recently escalated to new heights.

This phenomenon is commonly attributed to many factors including EU membership, the overall Czech economy compared to its neighbours, strong growth within the Czech middle class, overall lack of quality housing supply relevant to demand, low interest rates and the ever increasing availability of mortgage financing. has recently experienced an increase in limited liabilities being established by non-residents (foreigners) for the sole purpose of owning property.
As such, we have created Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) shelf companies (sros) which are not able to operate as business companies.

Due to our recent success with these SPVs, we have broadened our service offering by partnering with one of the largest mortgage providers in the Czech Republic- Simply Mortgages- as well as a property search service- Prague Property Finders.

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